Student Stat Page

Student Stat Page

Amplify Fractions


What is This Project about?

Amplify Fractions game needed a student facing page where students could keep track of their progress in the game.

What design problem am I solving?

Design a student stat page that reflects the humorous personality of Amplify Fractions, and to provide information that is clear and easy for students to understand. My concept was to create an infographic of the student stats that have the character speaking with the student. Every time a student refreshes the page, a new character from the game appears with a blurb based on the characters personality. This was a great way to showcase our characters outside of the lesson, and continue their narrative.

My Role



Art Direction




What Educators say

It’s hard to find a program that truly engages students with learning, but that’s exactly what I found with Amplify Fractions. It was amazing to see how much my students enjoyed the program. I can’t say enough about how excited my students were to interact with the lessons and, ultimately, want to learn fractions.
— Rebecca: 4th Grade Teacher, Georgia