Molly Hensley

Amplify Readers

Amplify Ebooks

CKLA Student Readers: First Grade Redesign


What are Amplify E-books?

Amplify E-books are paired with Audiobooks and traditional prints to provide a multimedia learning experience. E-books allow students to increase the size of the page, search for content, and are formatted to be projected on classroom technology including interactive white boards, tablets, and laptops.

What Design Problem am I solving?

I was asked to help redesign a set of books for first graders. The main goal of this project is to create engaging illustrations that represent Amplify’s diverse student population. To illustrate the readers program to be more relatable and engaging to students.

My Role

Art Direction


Character Concept

Visual Design




Meet Grace!

Grace is a 7 year old girl living in the rural midwest. She is extremely brave and is curious about her surroundings. Grace loves living on her family’s farm because she enjoys taking care of farm animals. She spends most of her time exploring the outdoors and being a good sister to her younger sister Jill.


More characters & spreads comings soon!